Design Process

Our team of designers is highly experienced in planning every stage of a project from the very beginning. We divide our design process in four main phases:


– Feasibility Studies to evaluate viability of each project.
– On site inspection and evaluation of possibilities.
– Space Planning and basic layout of rooms.


– Computed aided design with plans and drawings
– Cost and Budget analysis
– Specifications and selection of materials
– Planning of schedules and execution deadlines


– Production of products
– Shipment and delivery to the site
– On site installation preparation


– Fitout Work on site
– Furniture assembly
– Practical completion and finalization

For every phase and step members of our team assist our clients. We believe working as closely as possible with our client throughout the entire process to make sure that every detail of what our clients ask for will be performed perfectly.

Despite the latest advancements in simulation technology we are well aware that a real life model cannot be substituted by a simulation. That’s why we have a showroom with model rooms both for hotels as well as apartment complexes. We can adapt them to customized solutions and upon request we create a model room with the specific dimensions of our clients’ room with all the features included.

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