The kitchen may be an area of a hotel which is usually not visible to customers and design follows other objectives. Nevertheless, the chef and the team in the kitchen needs an environment, equipment and tools to perform well and the precise design of a kitchen is not as straightforward as it may look like. Many of our staff has worked in the industry before and our collaboration with Mercagroc allows us to provide the most ambitious solutions for kitchens of any style and any size. We design and equip kitchen of hotels, restaurants and canteens from scratch with everything required by our clients, be it for a small restaurant with less than 10 tables or a huge canteen providing meals for several hundreds of persons every day.

Our range of professional kitchen equipment includes the most renown brands on the market and we can even provide custom tailored machinery for large projects. Furthermore we have more than 10.000 different items we can chose from when equipping a kitchen, including tabletop items, cookware, bakeware, cutlery, buffet items, appliances and all sorts of utensils.

When we equip kitchens, we provide turn-key solutions that really match our clients requirements, making their life easier when it comes to fulfilling their customers expectations.

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