Ever since we started with Attrium, we have been focused on receptions. The entry hall of a hotel, along with the reception are among the most important zones within a hotel, as they are the first thing a customer will see, even before entering the actual room. It is therefore very important to match customer expectations right in the first place. We have broad experience in receptions and before we start to design a reception, we carefully check on site on every detail in order to be able to develop a design that is at equilibrium with the hotel as such, the atmosphere therein and in harmony with the location of the hotel.

A perfect entry hall and reception style very much depends on the style of the rest of the hotel and with our huge range of materials we work with we can offer even the most complex structures, the most exquisite materials and the most intricate designs. Every piece is custom made, pre-assembled where possible at our factories and final assembly performed by our professionals on site.

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