Hotel Rooms

A hotel room transmits the spirit of a hotel to the customer who expects to find himself in a harmonic ambiance. Every hotel has its own personality and the rooms form an elementary part of it. When we design furniture we always keep in mind what the result’s final impact will be in order to make sure that customers staying at the hotel have a pleasant time. Depending on the style and category of the hotel we opt for one material or another, without every losing track of the functionality and comfort customers expect to encounter in the room.

No matter how complex a piece of furniture may have to be, we can design and produce almost any item to customer specifications, combining illumination and wiring or advanced mechanical features with all of our items. Our state of the art machinery and experience in on-site assembly allows for the production of extremely large items e.g. for huge hallways or receptions in some of the largest hotels in the world.

Our access to the finest materials assures that we can provide custom tailored furniture each of which is a unique piece of art for any establishment of whatever category. Along with the furniture we have an ample range of decorative items matching the style and design of a hotel room complementing the overall spirit of a hotel.

For our project business and fitouts of large complexes of apartments and town houses we collaborate with leading furniture manufacturers both in Europe as well as other countries to be able to supply even the largest quantities of furniture within critical time-frames. Of course, our range of products is not limited to furniture, but we offer turn-key solutions for apartments, including everything from sofas to microwave ovens, from bathroom mirrors to curtains, everything installed, ready to be sold to the final customer.

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